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Announcing our 2014-2015 season!:

Posted: 4/13/14 -- 7:30 am

We can’t wait for this season to begin. This year, we are challenging the boundaries of convention while honoring tradition. We’re taking you on a remarkable journey that...…

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TICKETS Itzhak Perlman, violin

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TICKETS Emerson String Quartet

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TICKETS Kiss & Cry

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TICKETS Gregory Porter

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TICKETS Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer

performances & events


TICKETS Belcea Quartet

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TICKETS Théâtre de la Ville: Pirandello’s...

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TICKETS Accordion Summit featuring the...

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TICKETS Apollo’s Fire & Apollo’s...

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TICKETS Quatuor Ebène

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TICKETS San Francisco Symphony

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performances & events


TICKETS Jake Shimabukuro, ukulele

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TICKETS Yuja Wang, piano and Leonidas Kavakos,...

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TICKETS Handel’s Messiah

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TICKETS Rossini’s William Tell

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TICKETS Helen & Edgar

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TICKETS eighth blackbird

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TICKETS Compagnie Marie Chouinard

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TICKETS Mariinsky Orchestra

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TICKETS Tomasz Stańko, trumpet

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TICKETS Jennifer Koh, violin

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TICKETS Mendelssohn’s Elijah

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TICKETS Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra...

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TICKETS Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra

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TICKETS The Campbell Brothers

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TICKETS Compagnie Non Nova: Prelude to...

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TICKETS Trisha Brown Dance Company

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TICKETS A Bill Frisell Americana Celebration

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TICKETS Kyle Abraham / Abraham.In.Motion

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TICKETS Chicago Symphony Winds

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TICKETS Academy of St. Martin in the Fields...

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TICKETS Gilberto Gil

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TICKETS Max Raabe and the Palast Orchester

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TICKETS An Evening with Herbie Hancock...

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TICKETS Oliver Mtukudzi and the Black Spirits

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TICKETS Artemis Quartet

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TICKETS Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra

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TICKETS Lyon Opera Ballet

Photo of the Week

At Ford Honors Program in 2013

Kiss and Cry production

TICKETS 10/10-10/12/2014

Kiss & Cry

Gregory Porter

TICKETS 10/15/2014

Gregory Porter

Belcea Quartet

TICKETS 10/18/2014

Belcea Quartet

Michael Tilson Thomas conducts

TICKETS 11/13-11/14/2014

San Francisco Symphony


TICKETS 11/15/2014

Bob James

Messiah score on organ

TICKETS 12/6-12/7/2014

Handel’s Messiah


TICKETS 1/7-1/10/2015

Helen & Edgar


TICKETS 1/24-1/25/2015

Mariinsky Orchestra


TICKETS 1/31/2015

Dawn of MIDI

Cendrillon production

TICKETS 4/24-4/26/2015

Lyon Opera Ballet

Video of the Week

Behind the Scenes with UMS Choral Union

People Are Talking: UMS presents Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin at Hill Auditorium

Posted: 4/13/14 -- 12:00 am

I've followed Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin for more than 2 decades, through a personal connection: one of their leaders who wasn't on this tour is the brother of a friend of mine, and I was present at his confirmation in the old DDR (his father was an amazingly courageous Protestant minister who, later as Bishop of East Berlin, sheltered protestors and, together with Kurt Mazur, contributed to the peaceful abdication of the old regime). But this was the first time I ever heard them play in-person. Beyond the precision evident on recordings (Bach Overtures), their sound was wonderfully delicate, graceful, musical and full of life--what a treat! They also introduced me to the music of Bach's sons, which I'm looking forward to exploring through their CDs. Thank you, UMS, for the unforgettable evening, and please consider inviting them back--imagine a cycle of Brandenbergs or Overtures?

Bill Nolting

Posted: 4/15/14 -- 9:31 pm

I enjoyed the performances very much. Except for the initial JS Bach Orchestral Suite, I was not familiar with any of the other works by Bach's sons on the program. I particularly liked the final piece (can't remember the name) that possibly served as an inspiration for Mozart's Little G-Minor Symphony. None of us will ever forget the harpsichordist stopping just a few minutes into the 2nd piece, but kudos to him for doing so and getting it tuned during intermission. Nice encore as well w/the final movement of Haydn's Symphony #3. I hope Akamus will be back in Ann Arbor again.


Posted: 4/15/14 -- 7:58 am

This was a remarkable ensemble. Even from the balcony, I could hear everything that happened on stage. The musicians didn’t look like they were straining to play their instruments, but everything sounded perfectly clear. I found it quite amusing when the harpsichordist stopped the middle of the Johann Christian Bach piece because the harpsichord was out of tune! I was enjoying the piece so I did not notice something was not in tune, but he knows better than I do if it really sounded good.


Posted: 4/14/14 -- 10:58 pm

A lovely concert throughout! Concerning a "period" harpsichord--indeed, we can't reasonably expect it to be audible when accompanying an ensemble in a venue as large as Hill Auditorium. I am risking censure by asking whether it might be possible to appropriately amplify the sound of such an instrument in a space far larger than most of the concert rooms of the 18th century. I trust that a microphone carefully placed and monitored would not also amplify the volume of instruments near it--? Maybe such an intervention has been tried and found wanting? Thanks to the Akademie and to UMS for bringing us this delightful afternoon!

Jim Toy

Posted: 4/14/14 -- 3:52 pm

Breathtakingly beautiful performances. A real pleasure to experience unamplified music played on period instruments. Amused by comments regarding the harpsichord's volume - please note that this instrument does not possess the "carrying power" of a pianoforte. The reason the harpsichord was placed in one position for the J.S. Bach Orchestral Suite and then moved sideways with the top attached obviously had everything to do with the same acoustic issues described here. I found the harpsichordist's postponement of the harpsichord concerto delightful and endearing - once the piece was rolling it became profoundly obvious why he didn't want to showcase an out-of-tune instrument. Would you? Earlier in the season, UMS announced that the harpsichord concerto in question was by W.F. Bach, and at least some of us were eagerly awaiting an opportunity to hear a seldom-performed work by J.S. Bach's eldest son. As it turns out, if the notes in the program are correct, this concerto has long been attributed to J.C. Bach. And in truth it did complement J.C.'s symphony quite nicely. Once more: period instruments like those that were handled so adroitly by the core contingent from the Akademie are not going to sound like conventional equipment designed in the 19th and 20th centuries. The whole point of this concert was to be made to listen twice as carefully to music from the 18th century played very like it was when the music was first introduced. Light years away from the noise pollution we all take for granted here in the cacophonous 21st century. When you think back on this concert, kindly remember the sight of the violinist dancing joyously with every stroke of the bow. That's what I'm carrying in my heart today.

Theodore Grenier

Posted: 4/14/14 -- 10:55 am

I enjoyed the concert, but the harpsichord was difficult to hear; and it wasn't clear to me why that instrument wasn't turned so that the player could see the group. As it was, 2/3 of the group played behind his back?.


Posted: 4/13/14 -- 11:09 pm

Certainly a memorable concert! The quality of the performance and the musicians was outstanding. It was also memorable because the harpsichord soloist aborted the piece midstream in the performance, apparently because the harpsichord was out of tune.


Posted: 4/13/14 -- 10:47 pm

As a younger audience member (24 years old), here is my feedback. Overall, I thought the performance was excellent. Each of the pieces were very well executed, and, as I have come to expect from the group, very lively. Some parts seemed a bit rushed (e.g., orchestral suite ouverture and bourree), and I wish I had been able to hear the harpsichord more clearly throughout. Nonetheless, I was very impressed with both the pieces I knew well and those I had not heard before. I'll continue listening to the group with enthusiasm for years to come!

Matt DeMars

Posted: 4/13/14 -- 10:44 pm

Certainly a memorable concert--because of the quality of the performance and the musicians, and also because the harpsichord soloist aborted the piece midstream in the performance, apparently because the harpsichord was out of tune.


Posted: 4/13/14 -- 10:44 pm